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Shiv Yog forums are weekly gatherings of small groups of committed Shiv Yogis who come together to meditate collectively, share positive ideas and emotions, sing and chant together, and perform selfless service.

Shiv Yog hopes to create a more positive world by spreading positivity through forums and its myriad other initiatives. As Acharya Ishan Shivanand pointed out in a recent interview, "If negativity is contagious and can spread through contact, positivity is equally contagious and can be spread similarly."

When you become part of a Shiv Yog forum, you are able to practice the most important aspects of the Shiv Yog lifestyle with a group of positive minded, achievement oriented people who all want to significantly improve their lives and do social good through:

1. Sadhana (Yoga and Meditation)

2. Nishkaam Seva (Selfless Service)

3. Sankirtan (Meditative Devotional Chanting)

All three pillars of the Shiv Yog path listed above are designed to blast away the thick layers of negative psychic impressions stored in a person's body and raise an individual's consciousness.

As people go through the stages of life, they have many life experiences. Shiv Yog is based on the understanding that each external experience generates an internal reaction, and the energy generated through this reaction is stored in our body. As these psychic impressions are strengthened and reinforced through repeated reactions of the same type, they tend to mature and manifest as various types of problems in a person's life, especially physical and mental disease.

Neuroscience research has shown that positive social experiences that people enjoy when they belong to well-designed social groups (large enough but not too large) are associated with superior cognitive abilities, enhanced brain function and neuronal architecture. The same research also points out that negative social interactions can significantly impair brain function.

Everyone can attest to being part of some or the other social group, but very often the focus of interactions within such groups is to show off, criticize, complain and fight. Egos are bruised and people's feelings get hurt. Prolonged interactions of this type can lead to secretion of harmful hormones and chemicals in our bodies which over time can result in poor emotional and physical health.

However, in the context of Shiv Yog forums, groups of people come together on a weekly basis in a structured, friendly, positive and supportive environment under the guidance of their Shiv Yog Guru. As a result of this their overall well-being significantly improves. On top of the positive social interaction, when people meditate, listen to motivational discourses and do Dhyan Sankirtan (Meditative Chanting of powerful sounds in groups), alleviation of physical, mental and emotional problems can occur.

Forum members worldwide have reported significant improvement in their overall physical and mental health upon joining a forum. When the entire family attends a forum the benefits are increased. Children learn the Shiv Yog values and learn to absorb the positive vibrations generated during the weekly forum sessions and become calmer and more well-balanced. Members have also reported improved performance at work and financial stability.

There are over 20,000 Shiv Yog members regularly participating in more than 1,750 Shiv Yog Forums worldwide in all major cities of the world, and the number of Forums is rapidly growing. Shiv Yog Forums are quietly bringing about a revolution in the world and working weekly to improve the lives of thousands of human beings. These forum members in turn are improving the conditions of their cities and neighborhoods through their Seva (social service) and philanthropy projects.

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